Become a Magnet To Your Desires

How different would your life look and feel if you...

  • Woke up energized and excited for each day
  • Felt more confidence and peace
  • Felt more connected to your soul and in tune with the universe
  • Increased your intuition
  • Began manifesting all you desire with ease
  • Remembered how powerful you are
  • Embodied confidence in your purpose and path
  • Had less negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Stopped self-sabotaging yourself
  • Felt fulfilled and whole

Included in the program (see module details below)

  • 9 in depth modules totaling over 4 1/2 hours (these are audio downloads and not video so you can listen while driving)
  • Journal prompts & worksheets
  • EFT Tapping Videos
  • Modalities/ exercises I teach that help you align and increase your magnetism and tap into the quantum field of healing and attraction


Module 1: Shedding The Small Self and Boundary setting. Forgiving yourself and others and cutting cords to clear the past. Establishing radical awareness and responsibility & Energy cleansing. AKA: Marie Kondo-ing your life.

+Worksheet to integrate

Module 2: Releasing Trapped emotions that are blocking you from healing and creation. Learn to TRUST yourself more and get to the root and releasing the energies that aren’t serving you. Releasing competition energy, envy and jealously and learn how getting excited for women helps you attract more abundance!

+Worksheet to integrate

Module 3: Raising your frequency and vibration to start to align to your heart and soul and what you desire in your life. Gratitude exercises, EFT Tapping, journal prompts and hypnosis for reprogramming your brain to mirror in the things you DO want.

+Worksheet to integrate

Module 4: Energy medicine exercises and modalities that help you tap into the field and generate energy for the day. Learn how to energy cleanse every morning and create a high vibe day.

+Worksheet to integrate

Module 5: Magnetic attraction and inspired action. Learn how to pay attention to the callings of your soul and guides and how to create more confidence and abundance. Find out how to also “fun it to fruition” through play and movement that makes the journey fun and flowy.

+Worksheet to integrate

Module 6: Creating a loving relationship with yourself. Feeling whole to attract your soulmate, career and prosperity in your life. Using soul dates to tune into your internal GPS and intuition to receive the answers to your prayers and burning questions.

+Worksheet to integrate

Module 7: Owning your power and purpose and stepping into the 2.0 version of you and your higher self. Learn how to connect your mind, body and spirit to attract all that you desire and magnetize what you want.

+Worksheet to integrate

Module 8: Integrating all the modules and having confidence that your time is NOW. How to stop waiting to design your life and move past the ego and small self that prevents you from taking the leap.

+Worksheet to integrate

Module 9: Instilling more TRUST in yourself EFT Tapping Video

All of these modules create a shift out of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and teach you how to instead listen and be led by your soul.

You'll have the tools to shift energetically so you aren't in combat with your mind any longer or self-sabotaging yourself over and over again.

Because when you start to show up for yourself, release what isn't serving you and add in the tools I give you, you begin to manifest what you want.

A life where you magnetically draw what you desire in. This program is your you if you’re ready for more and want to completely up-level your entire life.

Once you change your energy, the universe opens the floodgates to abundance and you suddenly step into a whole new future.

If you know your soul is being called to this and you’re tired of letting fear and anxiety run your life and want to live in more abundance, joy, health and manifest everything that you want, now is your time!

If you want to change your surroundings, you have to first do the inner work which will change what starts to show up into your life.

If you want your life to exude more abundance, confidence, love, happiness, health and overall have the life you have dreamt of and stop operating out of fear, then this program is your answer and I have full confidence in saying that.

Because what is it going to cost you to stay in the same place?

You deserve to break free from thought patterns and change your energy which will feel life a completely brand new and magical life.

To tap into your true power and tap into the abundance you've been desiring and take you to the next level of joy and pure BLISS.

If your soul is calling you to this, don't wait for more signs to sign up. This IS your sign.


"I just want to start by saying THANK YOU so much to Taylor. She truly is one of a kind that is genuinely passionate about what she does. She portrays her passion, energy and positivity through everything she does. Through this course I have gained and lost sooooo much that I didn’t even know I could. I overcame some fears and also overcame things that I needed to for the past years. I lost a lot of unnecessary baggage that I didn’t even know I had and also gained a lot of knowledge of myself that I didn’t know. I feel like I’m on a higher frequency than before I started the program. I’m still a work in progress but oh boy am I on a different level. I HIGHLY recommend taking this course as it will seriously help you in whatever you need. Taylor is amazing at what she does. All her posts and podcast have truly helped me BUT this course just really tied it all up for me in a bow and it all makes sense on a deeper level! IAM is truly worth it!"

Yesi R.

"I signed up for the IAM program to figure out what was missing in my life and in such a short amount of time I learned so much more than I could have hoped for. Before I moved on to the next version of me I had to work on myself a lot (cleanse, move forward and start fresh). That work on myself was lifechanging… without having Taylor to guide me through those crucial steps I would have still felt “stuck”. Although it’s a long journey, I have felt a huge shift in my life and how I view myself, my relationships, my goals and life in general. I still have more work to get me to where I feel I should be, but I have the tools and I will be working on it every day because it is a priority. The journey is so humbling, exciting and sometimes difficult although I know I am on the right track. This program came at the exact time I needed some change and guidance but had no idea where to start. I took that as a sign and took action. That step alone makes me smile after all the things I learned during the program. Thank you Taylor for the awakening inside… it means the world to me."

Shannon M.

"This program was just what i needed to get my life back on track. Never have i ever lost so much weight so quickly and easily! This is because i focused on my mental health and released my baggage. I lost 15lbs in 2 months! Also I finally found a job that fits what i want, a mobile lifestyle that gives me financial freedom! I am so happy that i let go of my limiting beliefs and victim mode and then i was able to see from a different perspective. This program gave me the ability to experience magic and joy in my life."

Brittany G.

"Highly recommend the IAM program to anyone who is questioning where they are in life, if something is missing, and want tools to feel empowered and worthy of creating a life they love. I have learned so much thanks to Taylor and her program and am finally implementing morning and night routines that are centering me and setting my days up for joy."
Liz A.

"This course is so amazing! Taylor is so knowledgeable and gives you all the tools needed to uplevel! Can’t wait to see what all I can accomplish after doing this course! Taylor is an amazing coach and is there for you during every module to make sure you understand the content. I highly recommend it!"
Leticia C.

"My thought process has changed so much. I came to this group because I was going thru a divorce. I kept my head high and believed things would turn out for my best interest. And they did. I also invested in myself again by going back to school. It's a fear factor in a way for me but I'm feeling excited and ready! Taylor, thank you. I hope that someone will say the same thing to me for changing their life. Thank you a million times over."

Penny R.

"Taylor is a breathe of fresh air...she enthuses so much passion and commitment in what she does it is unbelievable. I loved being part of this course because it teaches you the basics and gradually through every week it builds you up. It is definitely money worth investing."

Tasniem T.

This program will not be ran in a 4 week group coaching format again and only available as a digital download course. Payment options are also available!

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Course Curriculum

  Module 1: Intention Setting, Responsibility and Energy Clearing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2: Emotional Release, Healing, Belief and Power
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Raising Your Frequency
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4: Energy Medicine Exercises (moving energy)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5: Magnetic Attraction And Taking Inspired Action
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 6: The Power of Visualization And The Art of Allowing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 7: Owning Your Power and Purpose
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 8: Your Time is NOW
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 9: Trusting Yourself EFT Tapping Video
Available in days
days after you enroll

Your Instructor

Taylor Stone
Taylor Stone

Taylor Stone is a leader in higher consciousness, self mastery, peak performance and energetics.

Through her top rated podcast “Vibe Higher” and her expansive courses and mentorship, Taylor helps high achieving women raise their frequency to attract what it is they desire. She provides the tools to help women create their individual heaven on earth working in conjunction with God and their own responsibility and a powerful co-creator.

Combining her background as a former NFL Cheerleader, health sciences degrees, self mastery and alchemical energy healing practices, she’s able to provide her clients with a wide range of proven modalities and techniques to step more into their power and impact in the world.

Her mission is to help women remember the power they hold within to become their own self healer and live out their full purpose and potential as a leader.