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IAM: Intentionally Aligned & Magnetic, Wildly Abundant & In LOVE + BONUS: Magnetic Confidence Masterclass

IAM: Intentionally Aligned & Magnetic, Wildly Abundant, In Love + Bonus Magnetic Confidence Masterclass for less than the price of ONE ($1,332 value)

*3 days only: November 23rd-November 25th*

It's time to manifest a brand new reality and create a life you love.

No one can do this for you and no one is coming to save you.

It is up to you.

Module 1: Intention Setting, Responsibility and Energy Clearing

Module 2: Emotional Release, Healing, Belief and Power

Module 3: Raising Your Frequency

Module 4: Energy Medicine Exercises (moving energy)

Module 5: Magnetic Attraction And Taking Inspired Action

Module 6: The Power of Visualization And The Art of Allowing

Module 7: Owning Your Power and Purpose

Module 8: Your Time is NOW

Module 9: Trusting Yourself EFT Tapping Video: EFT Video (11:57)

*Worksheet with exercises for each module to integrate the content*

($333 Original Investment)

Module 1: Understanding Frequency and The Quantum Field

Module 2: The 5 Pillars To Abundance

Module 3: Expanding Your Feminine Energy To Receive

Module 4: Wealth Consciousness and Money Mindset

Module 5: Accessing Your Channels of Divine Communication

Module 6: Passing Tests From The Universe

Journal Prompts & Affirmations: Affirmations for Abundance

Heart Opening Meditation, Subconscious Reprograming Meditation/Visualization

*Worksheet with exercises for each module to integrate the content*

($333 Original Investment)

Module 1: Releasing Competition Energy and Healing The Sister Wound

Module 2: Releasing Guilt, Shame and Unworthiness

Module 3: Mastering Your Energy

Module 4: Authentically Owning Who You Are And Standing In Your Truth

Module 5: Energetic Hygiene And Energy Medicine Exercises to Release Blocked Energy

Module 6: Loving Yourself Through Your Commitments

Module 7: Becoming Your Own Self Healer (Alchemical Healing 101)

Module 8: Healing And Heart Connecting Meditation

Module 9: Increasing Feminine Energy To Tap Into More Love

Module 10: Intuitive and Psychic Training With Madeline Eve

Module 11: Using Love To Make All Things New

Module 12: Morning Affirmations Meditation To Get Into A High Frequency

Frequency Activation Music (Binaural Beats, Solfeggio Frequencies, Hemi-Sync Meditations)

Heart/Brain Coherence Meditations

*Worksheet with exercises for each module to integrate the content*

($555 Original Investment)

All 3 courses with over 17 hours worth of content for only $197 until Wednesday 11/25
with Bonus:

Module 1: Unblocking Trapped Energy To Begin To Receive

Module 2: Embracing Authenticity And Connecting The Mind And The Body

Module 3: The Formula: Calling In What You Desire

Module 4: Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Bonus #1: Tapping Into Magnetic Confidence (EFT Tapping Video)

Bonus #2: Polarity Exercises To Move Energy And Connect With The Universe

**($111 Original Investment)**

This bundle includes the energetic, scientific and spiritual practices to guide you in:

  • Aligning with your higher self and soul purpose
  • Increasing your energy, vibrancy and magnetism
  • Clearing space for more manifestations and abundance
  • Increasing wealth consciousness and releasing money blocks
  • Establishing boundaries and owning your truth and your power
  • Shifting belief systems and releasing limiting beliefs
  • Raising your vibration to begin to align to your desires
  • Overcoming fear and self sabotage
  • Learning how to work with the universe and attract what you desire
  • Becoming your own self-healer
  • Opening up your channels of communication (psychic abilities)
  • Increasing feminine energy and embodying the Queen archetype
  • Developing a deep sense of love and self-worth for yourself
  • Embodying confidence in your purpose and path

  • Increasing your intuition and tapping into your knowing

*For 72 hours only: Today until Wednesday 11/25 when these courses go back to full price*

Claim what you desire and step into a brand new future.

Courses Included with Purchase

Aligning To The Frequency Of Love
Taylor Stone
Wildly Abundant
Taylor Stone
I AM: Intentionally Aligned & Magnetic
Taylor Stone
Magnetic Confidence Masterclass
Raise your vibration to manifest the health, happiness, and life you've always dreamed of
Taylor Stone

Original Price: $1,332

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Taylor Stone
Taylor Stone

Taylor is self mastery teacher, energy healer and spiritual mentor who helps women make the connection of how your mind and current belief systems influence your overall well-being and how to instead reprogram your brain to manifest the life you desire. She focuses on energetics and mind body medicine, which addresses all areas of life including mindset, thoughts, emotions, stress level, dietary habits and believes that by raising your frequency and bringing the mind and body into alignment is what will permanently heal your life and bring more abundance into your life.